MUMUNC 2017 Committees
Background Guides will be released in February 2017.

General Assembly (4 Committees)

World Health OrganizationThe purpose of the World Health Organization (WHO) Committee for MUMUNC is to simulate an unknown emergency international health crisis. Delegates will be expected to research and understand WHO protocol and emergency response. During committee, the delegates will be presented with a novel health crisis. In order to respond, cooperation, teamwork, knowledge and creativity will be required. Click here for the background guide.

United Nations Security CouncilThis year, the MUMUNC Security Council will be a dynamic and interactive committee in which decisions that the body makes will effect the 'real-world' outcomes of situations that they address, ensuring a realistic and educational experience. As resolutions are passed and coalitions are formed, the MUMUNC team will be working to analyze the effects that Security Council actions could have on the issues addressed, and those updates will return to the conference room and require the committee's attention. From the civil war in Yemen to the developing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, delegates will need to be creative and diplomatic in their work to bring peace and prosperity to the world. Click here for the background guide.

World Trade OrganizationFrom Bretton Woods to the Eurozone to NAFTA, free trade has been a cornerstone of the international order since the end of World War II.  While there are undoubtedly downsides to robust, free, international trade, it has also led to great gains through globalization, market liberalization, and innovation.  As the WTO, it will be our job to help continue this tradition of promoting free trade for all - while still protecting the working class.  Social change, human rights, intellectual property, and environmental concerns will all be on the agenda - are you ready to change the world? Click here for the background guide.

United States Senate: Spanish-American WarThe year is 1898 and Cuba, just off the coast of Florida, is convulsed in the struggle for its independence from the brutal Spanish. With the explosion of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor, the result of a Spanish mine, the jingoistic press is calling for intervention and the erstwhile cautious President McKinley is asking for a declaration of war against Spain. As a new century is about to dawn, America is stepping onto the world stage, but how? Will the imperialists succeed in acquiring an empire to rival the powers of Europe, securing markets for American manufactures, and expanding the military to defend the United States' international interests, or will their anti-imperialist rivals stymie such expansionism and ensure the United States stays true to its founding principles? Click here for the background guide

Crisis (2 Committees)

Joint Crisis Committee: Russian Civil War (Whites vs. Reds)The Russian Civil War Joint Crisis Committee will be a committee centered around the Russian Civil War, beginning in January of 1917, and participants will get the opportunity to be immersed in one of the most fascinating periods of modern history. This JCC will be composed of two competing committees, the Reds and the Whites, as they struggle to determine the future of Russia. The overall goal of this committee is to provide an immersive experience for students, and to provide an interactive opportunity to understand and participate in history. Click here for the White's background guide. Click here for the Red's background guide.